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Post Fight || @Justin

Alex felt really stupid for starting a huge fight with Justin. She was having a bad day and then stupid anons got through her. It was really her fault for asking the wrong question, not thinking what such question would look like. Not talking for a whole day and not seeing Justin, knowing they are in a huge fight, made her unfocused and distracted. Good thing, they have talked about it and hopefully really move on from it so now she was coming over his place and have a ‘US’ time with him after their huge fight. Locking her car after parking in front of his apartment, she went up his door and knocked, waiting for him to answer the door with a peace offering of his favorite ice cream in hand.

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    notjustinkelly Alex met up his desired pace as she thrust against his hardened member. She left moans thrust per thrust,...
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    Justin didn’t even have time to respond to her question as she immediately wrapped her hand around him. He bit his lip,...